What GSDfaster app version are you running?

Keeping your GSDfaster app up to date is a good practise to get into it. It's like regular maintenance on your car. A good maintained car runs like clockwork.

When you email Ernest you might engage in a conversation where a GSDfaster app version number is mentioned. If you are unsure about the version of your GSDfaster app, here is how to find out.

How to check your GSDfaster app version

1. From the Buckets view (shown left) click the blue Gear located top left to open "Settings" view (shown right).

2. Note the 1st row in the Settings view shows “app v1.6.8”. This is your app version.

TIP: The GTD Knowledge Center will contain in the footer version support. To take advantage of the feature, make sure your app's version is above the feature version.

It’s that simple. You should get into a pattern of updating your apps at least once a month. App updates are FREE and they fix bugs and introduce new features for FREE.