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I am an Aussie Software Engineering with passion for Mobile product development, a thirst for GTD productivity and experience developing and leading multicultural & virtual teams from enterprise to startups. I am a Green Card holder based in Silicon Valley since 2009.

In 2012, I cofounded a venture-backed Medlert disrupting how medical services and hospitals schedule transports and communicate (be gone thy faxes).

Before that, I ran the International Engineering team at Coupons Inc. (Quotient Technology Inc. (NYSE: QUOT)) in Mountain View (CA) from Startup to a $2B IPO. Coupons Inc. also acquired Couponstar Ltd. where I served as the CTO (founding team).


Pre 2009, I worked for AMP Pty Ltd, Australia's largest financial services company wearing many hats from Development to Corporate Architecture.

Whilst at University completing B. Computer Science, I cofounded, a boutique digital development house responsible for Australia's early corporate Analytics SaaS product (before GA existed).

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Other Activities

Founded The Road to Silicon Valley

One Aussie's Journey across the globe to Silicon Valley.

I started it back in 2010 after arriving in Silicon Valley from Sydney (Australia) as a way to give back and help others in similar position.


I built a 500HP 2L turbo race car

The build up of a 500HP 200sx

My toy project that went out of control in the need for speed and more power. Building a race car is like building technology products.

Founded GSDfaster app

GSDfaster app - GTD, ToDo Lists & Pomodoro timer

GSDfaster is a productivity app I built with love. GSDfaster empowers you to offload your ideas and stuff into a trusted source.
Available on iPhone, iPad & Watch. Also check out my GTD Knowledge Center

Contributor to Sensory Lifestyle

Sensory Lifestyle - Helping your child start on the right foot

A website started by my wife using her Occupational Therapy experience working with kids in Australia and Silicon Valley. A must for any parent/s raising kids. Website:


My experiments into editing clips into fun snippets.