Ernest Semerda

Ernest Semerda -


I software, business & making stuff people need.

I live in the heart of Silicon Valley. Am a recent graduate of (YC W17). I cofounded Veryfi: AI-mobile software which automates the bookkeeping of time & materials for teams in the construction industry.

I previous cofounded Medlert, now called VectorCare, (ambulatory logistics & communication platform). Have Startup to IPO experience from which acquired Couponstar where I served as CTO, and some corporate experience from AMP Financial Services in Sydney, Australia.

PS. If you need help reviewing your YC application then please reach out.

Other Activities

Founded The Road to Silicon Valley

One Aussie's Journey across the globe to Silicon Valley.

I started it back in 2010 after arriving in Silicon Valley from Sydney (Australia) as a way to give back and help others in similar position.


I built a 500HP 2L turbo race car

The build up of a 500HP 200sx

My toy project that went out of control in the need for speed and more power. Building a race car is like building technology products.

Founded GSDfaster app

GSDfaster app - GTD, ToDo Lists & Pomodoro timer

GSDfaster is a productivity app I built with love. GSDfaster empowers you to offload your ideas and stuff into a trusted source.
Available on iPhone, iPad & Watch. Also check out my GTD Knowledge Center

Contributor to Sensory Lifestyle

Sensory Lifestyle - Helping your child start on the right foot

A website started by my wife using her Occupational Therapy experience working with kids in Australia and Silicon Valley. A must for any parent/s raising kids. Website: